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Jess strips naked for a humiliating dose of nude corporal punishment from Spanking Sarah’s cane


Two naughty schoolgirls get caned by Master for drinking alcohol on a field trip


Slutty blonde nurse gets spanked and paddled in bright red bra, red knickers and stockings


Lazy trainee takes a good, hard thrashing over-the-knee of strict older nurse!


Dirty girls who love to drop their knickers for a spanking are waiting to take your phone call

APRIL 3rd 2016


Naughty schoolgirls playful spanking session interrupted by much stricter teacher Miss Blake





















Naughty Schoolgirl Discipline


I love it when a schoolgirl spanking film gets absolutely everything right - right down from the authentic schoolroom setting to the regulation uniform and the regulation white cotton knickers. I also love it when it has a sexy premise, like this new schoolgirl discipline movie from Northern Spanking. It shows two cheeky young ladies exploring spanking and paddling in their classroom after school. They’re meant to be having a bit of playful spanking fun together, but then their teacher returns unexpectedly and catches them with skirts raised high and their knickers down! And their teacher can’t resist the urge to show them what a spanking is really like!






















Spanking in Uniform


God, I love that scenario! It would have been really cool if I could have experimented with a schoolfriend, like these girls do in this schoolgirl CP and spanking film, and it would have been absolutely mind-blowing if a teacher had caught us in the act and then bent the pair of us over her desk, pulled our knickers down and smacked us numb! I’ve always loved the thought of being spanked in a group situation; and watching in close up as another girl gets spanked. Just imagine the build up of trepidation as you’re hearing her squeal and knowing you’re next in for a thrashing!


I’d recommend this movie - it’s called Touching Things - to all fans of schoolgirl discipline. The teacher is played by the expert disciplinarian Pandora Blake, who always delivers a no nonsense spanking and paddling. And you’ve got those fabulous uniforms and a really fabulous setting, which really helps you believe in the scenario. It’s almost like you’re right there in the room - and I really wish I was!



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DEC 30th 2015


Two naughty schoolgirls get caned by Master for drinking alcohol on a field trip



















Strict Schoolgirl Discipline


You get double the fun and double the punishment in this exciting new caning movie from discipline experts Northern Spanking. The action takes place on a school field trip, during which two naughty schoolgirls - both dressed in regulation uniform and regulation white knickers - are suspected of taking booze from a hotel minibar. This devious act leaves their strict Master very little choice but to get out his long and swishy cane - and to leave a far stripes on each girl’s rear-end.



















Caned in Schoolgirl Uniform


I have only ever been spanked and punished on a one-to-one basis, so I really like the thought of sharing my punishment with another naughty girl like me. I like how in this corporal punishment movie, one girl has to stand in the corner and hear every swish of the Master’s cane. She can hear her friend’s whimpers. She can see her friend's stripes. And she knows her vulnerable arse cheeks are next up for a ‘skirt up, knickers down’ thrashing.


It must be really intense being second-in-line for 6 or more of the best like that - and I would love to have played that part in this film, not least because I’d love to receive strict school discipline while dressed in a regulation uniform and knickers. But I’m not sure my tolerance is quite to the standards of these two naughty schoolgirls’ tolerance. They both manage to withstand one hell of a caning! All of which makes for a fabulous spanking and CP movie, which all strict Masters are sure to love to watch.


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DEC 31st 2015


Plump spankee goes over-the-knee of strict female disciplinarian for bare bottom spanking

















OTK Spanking


Regular readers will know that Spanking Sarah’s spanking and CP website was the first ever website I signed up to join - and all these months later, it’s still producing films and photo sets that turn me on. Lately, I’ve been really enjoying the sets showing Sarah spanking plump spankee Kiki over-the-knee. There’s just something extra sexy about seeing a girl with a really nice big bottom having her skirt pulled up for a few hard slaps.

















Women Spanking Women


And what’s even nicer about this particular film is that Kiki wears no knickers, (although she does wear a very nice pair of seamed stockings). And that means you get to see every wobble and tremor in her curvaceous buttocks, as Sarah’s spanking hand thrashes away. Oh, and the noises are even better. And I don’t just mean Kiki’s little moans and whelps of pain - I’m talking more about the delicious slap of Sarah’s hand against Kiki’s chubby flesh.


This is a really great example of what over-the-knee discipline ought to be like. You have a strict but caring disciplinarian drawing a naughty girl across her knee, then using just the right amount of force to make those cheeks go from pale pink to pink and then slightly red. There’s something really rather sensual about it, which is often the case with Spanking Sarah’s adult discipline films. Some are strict and judicial, while others take a slightly gentler approach - but either way you always end up with a fabulous display of women spanking women.


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JAN 2nd 2016


Naughty Scarlot gets spanked and caned for her disgraceful drunken misbehaviour at her husband’s golf club dinner party






















Over-The-Knee Discipline


I’m a typical girlie, in that the first thing that always excites me about a spanking film is the clothing that the sub spankee is wearing. And I would love to try on Scarlot’s floaty Retro dress, especially teamed with those sexy white knickers, tan stockings and suspenders, then going over-the-knee of my dominant Master for a ‘knickers down’ spanking that I’ll never forget. The premise of this very sexy spanking film is that Scarlot was wearing her outfit at a golf club dinner party. And just like me when I’m at a party, she had a little too much to drink and got a little too flirtatious with her hubby’s golfing buddies - and just generally behaved like a very naughty girl!























Strict Domestic Discipline


And so, unsurprisingly, when her husband gets her home, he needs to teach his wayward wife a good, firm lesson. It begins with a delicious over-the-knee spanking, with Scarlot’s beautiful party frock all scrunched up around her middle. Then hubby smacks her gorgeous buttocks through her equally gorgeous Retro knickers, before tugging them down and aiming a few fierce blows upon Scarlot’s naked cheeks. But that’s not enough to teach this drunken, flirty wife a lesson, so he then takes out a thin, wispy cane and really shows her arse what for!


I love this film for numerous reasons - not least of all for Scarlot’s heavenly dress - but also for the realism of the discipline and Scarlot’s pained reaction to the punishment she faces. You can really tell she’s feeling each thrash, especially once the whippy, little cane comes out - and so what a pleasure it is watching this wayward woman earning her stripes from her dominant husband. I’ve seen many domestic discipline films in recent months, but very few come close to this, so why not check out the Northern Spanking website and go watch Scarlot learning her lesson?


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JAN 5th 2016


Jess strips naked for a humiliating dose of nude corporal punishment from Spanking Sarah’s cane























Strict British Discipline


I have always enjoyed dressing up for an over-the-knee spanking, either in a schoolgirl uniform, nurse’s outfit, erotic lingerie or some secretary-style clothing. I find a costume enhances the role-play scenario, but the lack of a costume can do exactly the same, as in this thrillingly intense caning movie from Spanking Sarah. There is something incredibly humiliating about Jess being completely naked in this scene. It gives Sarah an extra air of superiority, not that she’s ever really lacking in that quality, as all her many fans with know.






















Naked Corporal Punishment


Being stark naked also makes Jess’s nude body seem a lot more vulnerable and threatened, too. She has no skirt or knickers to cushion the blow of each strike, as Sarah begins to cane her bare flesh. Every single thwack of the cane is delivered directly to Jess’s naked cheeks, causing large red welts to appear on her behind. So it’s no surprise that she writhes and moans, especially as she’s taking a proper ‘no nonsense’ caning.


As a spankee watching this, I couldn’t help but get excited about the thought of being caned in this kind of manner. I love the sub element of being totally nude while my Mistress stands there fully clothed - and of pushing out my bottom, no matter how sore, for further strikes from the stinging cane. I’m sure it would be absolute agony, as that’s definitely how it comes across in this brilliant naked corporal punishment film, but sometimes that’s what a bad girl needs... And just like Jess, I’m a very bad girl!


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